This is a brief introduction to the academic programs being held in our Monastery.

There are wide range of academic classes with both traditional and modern subjects.

1) There are five classes of Dialectic or Buddhist philosophical debate and study.

2) There are wide range of classes on rites and  rituals.

3) We have five different classes or Tibetan  language.

4) There are four classes of English.

To teach the above mentioned subjects, the Monastery has employed well qualified teachers.

To teach the Buddhism and its related subjects we have Sang ten Rinpoche and two Gesheys from the Sera Monastery University, they are Geshey Nagwang kalsang  and Geshey Tenzin Khakyab.

To Teach the Buddhist rites and ritnals we have Tantric teacher from Gutoe Monastery whose name in Yeshi Dorjee.

Mr.chungdak who has an Archary  degree & Be.D from central  Institute of Higher Tibetan studies varanasi. He teaches all the Tibetan language classes and Tsering samdup teaches English to the monks so in brief we have both the traditional and modern subjects, the Monastery is putting much focus on the educational prospects of the monks  living in this Monastery. To go hand in hand with both the Tibetan traditional subjects and modern subjects is one the Important advice of H.H.The Dalai Lama.