Academic Curriculum and Subjects

The texts set below for the classes are studied with the commentaries of Tsondkhapa and his immediate spiritual disciples. Beside these texts the monks also had to take English and Chinese language classes.

S. No Classes Buddhist Philosophy Subjects Languages
1 Dhue-Dra Classes Riglam Losel Migjed and the Brief commentaries Lekshey Jonwang, Dhebjor Rinchen Gyatso, Sathai Namjed and Jeepa Dhekyek
2 Lorig and Tagrig class Lorig, Tagrig and conclusion Sumchupa, Tagjug and Dhagyek Padkar Chunpo
3 Prajanaparimita first grade Buddhist and Non-Buddhist text and first chapter up to Choekor Mutig Trangze, Dhakyek Ngagdron and Nagajuna’s letter to the King
4 Prajanaparimita second Grade Choekor chapter up to Kyabsum History and Buddhist Historical text/accounts
5 Prajanaparimita third Grade Ngag Salam, Kusum Lamkyer,Chen Nga Ngonshey up to the end of first chapter Ngon-Joed (poetry)
6 Prajanaparimita fourth Grade Sceond, third and the fourth chapter Tam Pedmei tselgyi Dhoekar, Lhu-Kuntoo Gyapai Dhoekar( poetical texts)
7 Prajanaparamita fifth Drage Fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth chapter and Samzuk and Gedhu Nyishu
8 Prajanaparamita sixth Drade Cittamatrin catadories and Alayavijnaa/Kunshe
9 Madhymika first Grade Madhymika texts (Uma Jugpa)and commentaries,

First, second and the third chapter (Semkye)

10 Madhymika second Grade The sixth Chapter of Uma Jugpa with various commentaries
11 Abhidharma and Vinaya classes Abhidharma and its jests.

Vinaya and its jests.

12 Trantric classes Commentaries on the Root Tantra