Expenses on teachers’ salary and stationery

Expenses on teachers’ salary and stationery in the classes.

1.       Salary for lecturer on Buddhist Philosophy                                                        Rs.10000/ per month

2.       Salary for Tibetan language teacher                                                                  Rs.9000/ per month

3.       Salary for English teacher                                                                                   Rs.5000/ per month

4.       Salary for Nepali language teacher                                                                    Rs.4000/ per month

5.       Salary for Chinese language teacher                                                                  Rs.4000/ per month

6.       Salary for the teacher of Buddhist rites &rituals                                                Rs.7000/ per month

Total expenditure for academic teachers’ in a month                                              Rs.39000/.

Books for the students in an annual academic session                                           Rs.3600/.

Currently there are 63 monk students who regularly attend

the classes. There are altogether 83 monks in the monastery.

So the annual expenditure for a year on salary, stationery is;                                   Rs.226800/

Beside this if there is interested sponsor, the monastery would set up a

Small medical clinic which will serve the medical needs of the monks

and the local Nepali people.  At present there is no medical clinic.