H.E Sangten Tulku Rinpoche

11109265_957796317584244_23173504860010053_nH.E. Sangten Tulku Rinpoche though a fully realized practitioner who has attained liberation from  samsara, but for the sake of sentient beings, he took birth. He has fully professioned himself in all the Buddhist studies of hearing from teachers, meditation and contemplation. He always has been guiding the followers/disciples to the unmistaken path that he himself went through. Whoever comes to meet him, it is easy to accept and he gives spiritual advice with lot of kindness and humbleness. He is very straight forward and he always pinpoints the mistakes and even scold with kindness so that the mistake can be corrected. So in brief H.E. is like, as stated by HH  Nawang lobsang Gyatso.

If taken refugee it will naturally lead to virtuous acts, teach all the phenomena/dharma with pride, skillful in showing the path of essential liberation such is suitable to consider as the ultimate refuge.

H.E. Sangten Tulku Rinpoche Sangye Tenphel was born in Phadruk village in the western part of Tibet which is in central part of Tibet “U-Tsang”. He was born in a middle class family. He joint the Shelkar Monastery at the age of eight. He has studied all the traditional Buddhist academic schedules followed in the monastery.

H.E. had the desire to be a student of Nyulchu dharma brata who was  a great spiritual master as well as a scholar. So Rinpoche secrectly prepared a small bag of Tsampa, one pair of extra shoe, a blanket and then in the middle of the night he went to the monastery’s shrine-hall, offered a butter lamp and then setout to meet the master. Then Rinpoche arrived at Nyulchu(name of a place) and received many teachings from the master including initiations, oral-transmission. After that Sangye Tenphel Rinpoche as he wished, joint the Sera-mey Buddhist University and studied the five major Buddhist sciences and completed the study. He gave his Geshey Lharam exam  infront  of all the monks of Sera, Drepung and Gyadhen and many other Buddhist scholars during one of the Monlam spiritual gathering, that time he was thirty nine years old. He then returned to the Shelkar Monastery, discussed about Buddhist matters with monks including the great Khenpo Dhamchoe Lobsang palsangpo. Particularly he has put lot of attention in flourishment of spiritual debate system in Shelkar monastery. He became so popular in the western region of Tibet. <p>

Brief Bio-data on IInd Sangten Tulku
H.E. the second Sangten Tulku Rinpoche was born in a village named Ngampa. It lies in the western region of Tibet.  The previous Kuntse Rinpoche was the root guru of H.E. second Sangten Tulku Rinpoche. He become a learnet  practioner and provided beneficial acts to people.

IIIrd Sangten Tulku Rinpoche.
The third Sangten Tulku Sangye Jigme Khedup was born in a village called bram-So. He was recognized as the reincarnation of the previous Rinpoche and joint Shelkar monastry. Then he studied in the Sera-mey Buddhist University . He passed away in 1959 under Chinese torture.

IV Sangten Tulku Rinpoche
Lobsang Tender was born in 1971 at a village called Soi-Nga in the western region of Tibet. Since when he was a small kid he was a special child who even spoke of a desire to go to Shelkar monastery. People naturally belief he was the reincarnation of Geshy Sangye Tenphel’s third incarnation. He came to Nepal in 1982 and ordained from Pompa Geshy Rinpoche. He studied Buddhism from him for four years. As directed by Pompa Geshy Rinpoche in 1986. H.E. Sangten Tulku Rinpoche went to Sera monastery in south India to further his Buddhist study. That time he was 16 years under the tutorship of Geshey Thupten Rinchen He studied all the Buddhist sciences for 13 years. In accordance with his wish/desire He Sangten Tulku stayed 3 years retreat in the Yolmo region of Nepal and also stayed 6 years retreat in the mountains near Tibetan Children’s village school in Himachal Pradesh, India. Regarding his recognition as the reincarnation, divinations were done to the six-armed Mahakala, which is the main protector deity of Kachen Yeshi Gyaltsen, divination to the Tara statue in Nyanang  and the Buddha statue in Ba-Khang monastery. All three confirmed that Lobsang Tendhar is the unmistakable reincarnation of the previous Sangten Tulku and recently as requested by the Shelkar monastery HH the 14th Dalia lama bestowed the certification letter. At present he is mostly in retreat and teaching Buddhism to the monks of Shelkar monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal.