Eight Enlightened Medicine Buddha Puja

Eight Enlightened Medicine  Buddha Puja

The enlightened Lords in the past have envisioned that there would be troubling times in the future where there will be the effect of the five degenerations. At such a period the sentient beings get used to no virtuous deeds, they get involved in all various types of karmic obscurations, get inflicted with various diseases, and under go various sufferings. So the enlightened lords prepared the mandala of the eight enlightened medicine Buddhas, blessed and performed immense prayers for the welfare and benefit of all sentient beings. By invoking them through pronouncing their names and make offerings to them, this will help in the propagation of the Buddha Dharma, increase the longevity of the life of those people who holds the Dharma, the virtuous activities would pervade to all the ten directions. Those who practices generosity will not face both the external and internal hardships, in fact such a person will accomplish full joy and happiness and attain the ultimate enlightenment. Whoever indulges in various non-virtuous activities like killing other sentient beings will go through many illnesses, they will not live long, and they might get killed by obnoxious weapons. By believing with full conviction in the eight enlightened Medicine Buddha Puja, ones negative karmic emotions and deeds will get cleared, they will enjoy a longer life span, their causes of untimely death will be diverted towards a positive situation. Through this Puja, those whose vows got broken and diluted would be in a stronger intention to keep their vows more intact in the future. All the sentient beings would enjoy happiness, see the eight enlightened Medicine Buddhas and through the accumulation of the two merits they will attain the ultimate enlightenment.

Sixteen Arahats Puja

Neyten Chakchod or the puja of the sixteen Arahats or Sithaviras is a very powerful puja. It is a effective puja helpful for beings in the degenerated era. This puja is good to accumulate virtuous deeds and cleansing the negative emotions. This puja is also good in the preservation and florishment of the precious Buddha Dharama. It will also make conducive atmosphere for the longevity of root guru, pacify the destructive forces of evil spirits and devils, and supportive in the study of Buddha Dharma for students.

Tara Puja Benefits.

Tara is the Goddess of the abundance of beneficial service in a quicker period. So it is said that by sincerely make offerings and pray to the twenty on Arya Taras the positive benefit is quick and immense. In general the tara puja is accumulate positive merits and cleanse the negative emotions, and particularly it will help in the florishment of the Buddha Dharma. It will clear away the diseases of self and others, pacify the evil spirits, increase longevity of life, and pave conducive conditions for the abundance of wealth. Especially if one fervently prays to Tara she is very powerful and quick to provide her service.  Tara Puja is the most frequently performed puja in many places.

The benefit of the Tara Yuldhok  Puja

This puja text is written by Nagarjuna. The Tara Yuldhok puja has the power to ward off infectious epidemic diseases, infliction from toxic substances, unwanted or baseless public criticism, obstacles owing to broken promises, negative influences from astrological effects, spites from devils and spirits or unwanted consequences from strong disagreements etc. In brief this puja can help in the development of conducive environment for the florishment of good things.

According to historical religious accounts, long ago in East India a king has killed a son of a non-Buddhist called “Mutek Kakchen”. This non-Buddhist individual has summoned the help of Nagas and next evening huge snake called HA HA entered the place and eventually the king and all his retinue out of fear.                     At that time a Buddhist Pandita conducted this Tara Yuldhok puja in the palace, after the puja service the snake took the king’s linga from water, immersed the Tirtheka into water and died.  Beside these effects this puja can be effective in success in the business and develop good luck.

Benefits of Shey-Nying Dhudhok Puja.

This has two categories, the source of lineage and the historical fact which will infuse faith. First, the lineage came from the Buddha to number of lords to this day. The fully enlighten Buddha, Chenre Zig or the Lord of compassion, Loe Rinchen the great compassionate one, master SerLingpa, Geshe Tonpa, Tenglo Jungney Dorjee, Jang Ukarwa,  and the great scholar Kumara Buddha.

Historically it is said there was Jang Ukarwa and Kulo. Kulo practices on black Yamraj, and Munpa Marnag etc. and through that power he tortures many people. So one day Jang Ukarwa offered feast Kulo, put on clothes and then he gave guidance by explaining though his power is quick, there would be grave karmic consequences. Kulo got hurt to the depth of his consciousness and he vowed to kill Jang Ukarwa within a week, and then Kulo left. Then Ukarwa performed Shey-Nying Dhudhok puja  by which within a week Kulo died, Kulo’s magic hurt for himself.  So if one performs this puja with full faith and determination it is effective in avoiding obstacles and difficulties.

The benefits of doing the Gyap-Shi Puja

In the period of degeneration because of the unfortunate situation the sentient beings get inflicted by the four enemies, which are the white Shiva representing the enemy of ignorance, the yellow Brahama representing the enemy of aggregates,  the yellowish Shiva representing the enemy of the prince of the Gods, the black Vishnu representing the Lord of Death. The sentient beings are swayed with the negative influence of these four enemies.  The Buddha with the great compassion summoned and drawn them to virtuous activities by bestowing the Gyap-Shi Puja. This Puja is effective in curing or pacifying the nightmares or bad terrifying dreams, astrological obstacles, obstacles and disturbances that come through one’s life in days months and years. This puja has the potential efficacy to evade the obstacles of negative emotions, to be healthy, peaceful and prosperous.

Khabarma Puja

Long ago she was the mother of all the wrathful worldly Lords. She conquers the three worlds. She takes kills all the sentient beings. She has five hundred sons. The Buddha knew that she eat and drink the meat and blood of thousands of animals in a day. The Buddha knew this, for the sake of sentient beings the Buddha hid the youngest son of Khabarma in his begging bowl and kept blessed under the gesture of meditation. Khabarma searched all around the three worlds in a moment and she could not find. She was crying with so much sorrow for her son. Then Buddha told her thus:

“You kill countless sons and daughters. Why do you suffer for the lost of one son out of five hundred”. The Khabarma requested to the Buddha thus:

“My son is not like the sons of others. Oh! Lord, possessor of the three worlds, the head of the world, the great protector of the Gods. Please help me with your great compassion (to find my son)”. Then the Buddha told this:                                  If you and all the retinues give up Inflicting harm to sentient beings, Protect my Dharma Then I will give you your son.

After hearing this Khabarma cried in joy and tears falling over her shoulder and accepted this: Though I would be happy to give negative activities (Sin), How am I to live without blood?    But if I get my son back I will accept your decree, Lord. She promised to protect the Dharma and the four retinues. Then Buddha took her son out of his begging bowl and gave to her, and told the four retinues to give Torma to Khabarma and her followers. In this way khabarma become a protector of Dharma and the four retinues, she now considers the dharma very precious. In the degenerated period beings are strongly inclined to negative activities, there are lot of mental disturbances, various types of diseases, famine, starvation, and many other inauspicious things. The Vajra holder with strong sense of concern for beings subdued Khabarma and her followers and made them protectors of Dharma through peaceful and wrathful (seemingly) activities.