Facilities for the moastic school

At present the school’s amenities, including the classrooms, dormitories, and rooms for the teachers, can accommodate 37 young monks. Support for the ongoing daily expenses of the monastic school including food, clothing, first aid and medical provisions, educational materials, and salaries for the visiting teachers is required. When a monastery accepts a young monks, it takes on the full responsibility of caring for his physical as well as spiritual needs for the rest of his life. As many of the student monks are from financially poor family background and they require additional financial support.

To those wishing to support the overall school project fund or to any of the specific needs mentioned, your contribution is most gratefully accepted.
Sponsorship of individual monks is also possible at cost of  US $360 per year, or US $30 per month or partly sponsoring a monk is US $120 per year, or US $10 per month. Sponsors will receive detailed information and progress reports about their individual monk.