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Welcome to Shelkar Monastery

Our Monastery

Shelkar Monastery was built in 1264 in Tibet. Shelkar Choedhey Monastery was situated at a place, which was by Tibetans, considered spiritually sacred site. It is situated in the western part of Tibet , DingRi District. The exact location where the Monastery is established in is known as Shelkar Immutable Adamantine Fort.In 1959 The monastery was completely destroyed Just ten of the Shelkar monks managed to flee into exile. Under the kindness and guidance of HH the14th  Dalai lama they stayed some years in the Solokhumbu area and then in 1981 they moved down to the capital of Nepal,  Kathmandu,  and at present the Monastery has study  and practice of Buddhist philosophy along with the modern Subjects…

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Helping Monastery

Sponsor a Monk

Shelkar Monastery is committed to take complete care of the needs of the monks living and studying here.  To achieve this, and to fulfill our commitment, we need your help. Giving generously to a worthy cause like this, with a good heart and pure motivation does not only help the monks, but also gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to the survival of the religious and cultural tradition of Tibet.Read More:

General Donations

Taking care of a large community is like taking care of a small town. There are many expenses behind the scene that are indispensable to the smooth running of a place. Services such as providing clean water, continued electricity supply, disposal of the garbage and sewerage, efficient administration are all vital to keeping the community functioning. Maintenance of infrastructure, buildings and facilities is also essential. You may help Us.Read More:

Become a Volunteer

Are you in Kathmandu and want to help in the Monastery? We could need some volunteers to help for example our monks to improve his english skills.Contact Us and lets us see how can be helpfull.Read More:

Prayers & Pujas

There are many different kinds of puja depending on the kind of problem, but also depending on the karma of the person who is experiencing the problem. We will check with a Lama which is the most beneficial puja for your situation, and will let you know the recommended pujas and the cost of the offering. If the matter is urgent we will perform the puja as soon as possible.Read More:

Latest News

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