Religious Services and Programs

Time Major Religious Services and Programs
First Tibetan Month Paldhen Lhamo diety puja, Rites and ritual puja of Goddess Tara Dhaka Yeshi
Second Tibetan Month Starting from the first day of the second Tibetan month the monastery holds the Monlam Chenmo or great prayer session in accordance with the particular tradition of the monastery itself. The anniversary of The Great Fifth Dalai and the anniversary of Lingka Kargyur Nawang Lobsang Tsultrim Gyaltsen.
Third Tibetan Month Spring season religious session.
Fourth Tibetan Month Starting with the ground/field cultivation ritual puja on 7th and holds the Kunrik Puja until 16th. Kunrik is one of the most important text for purifying negativities.
Fifth Tibetan Month Prayer session for the flourishment of all the Buddha’s teachings, prayers for the long life of all the spiritual leaders of all schools of Tibetan Buddhism and peace for all sentient beings.
Sixth Tibetan Month Starts Summer retreat: From 25th of the fifth Tibetan month to 7th of the sixth Tibetan month the monks will stay for summer retreat, and then Drub-Choed- Chenmo or the great prayer session of Sangwa Dhue-ba—the king of tantric texts.
Seventh Tibetan Month Services and prayer sessions for the Yi-Dams or tutelary deities. These are the deities which guides, helps and protects the Dharma practitioners.
Eighth Tibetan Month. Reading the Whole Kagyuer texts. bKah-hGyur (tib.) is the instructions and precepts taught by the Buddha which contains several hundred treatises and consists of 108 volumes.
Ninth Tibetan Month Starting from the 18th to the 23rd there will be consecration puja and prayers of Jig-Jed including the thirteen aspects.
Tenth Tibetan Month The Gadhen Nga-Choed-Chenmo prayers session begins; anniversary of Lord Tsongkhapa, anniversary of 13th Dalai Lama Thupten Gyatso. Prayers and pujas for Gonkar, Namsay and Zambala.
Eleventh Tibetan month The Winter session begins: Starting from the 1st of the twelfth Tibetan month there will be prayer and puja sessions of thirteen deities of Jig-Jed, Lama Dance and Torma.
Twelfth Tibetan Month The prayers and jupa session of Chakrasamvara.
Supplement Note: Beside the above programs the monastery holds Kunrik Puja on 15th of every month. Vajrayogini puja on 10th and 25th day of every month. Copious religious pujas to protector Tashi Odbar who is the Protector of Shelkar monastery on 19th of every month and pujas and prayers of all the deities and protectors on 29th of every month.