Fourth Linga Rinpoche H.E Tenzin Gyaltsen Sangpo

HE. Tenzin Gyaltsen Rinpoche the true reincarnation of the third Linga Rinpoche HE. Jampa Lobsang Thupten Gyaltsen was born at a place named Podor in Sikim. His father’s name is Tsering and mothers name is Rabten. In 1980 venerable Choedak of Chusang Monastery enquired about the reincarnation to a yogi in Mongod (South India) who also practices divination, and that yogi told there is a statue which is protected by crow and the reincarnation has taken birth in the East. Then Tarab Thupten who was the personal attendant ( Chakzod) of the previous Linga Rinpoche  and Venerable Gelong Samten requested HH the 14th Dalai Lama for a divination about the reincarnation.  Then HH the Dalai Lama told that the reincarnation is already three years old and advised to go to Sikkim side in search of the reincarnation. In accordance with the decree of HH the Dalai Lama, the department of religion of the exile government sent a letter to the representative officer in Sikkim Mr. Jampa Tsundue and  asked to enlist and send the names of all children there in Sikkim who are borne with the Dog  Zodiac sign. Then HH the Dalai Lama has provide a letter stating that the Thupten Choedak the son of father Tsering, born at Podor is auspicious and suitable if to be recognized as the reincarnation of the third Linga Rinpoche. After that venerable Lobsang Namgyal contacted Representative Mr. Jampa Tsundue, travelled to Sikkim and visited a place called Tilman which is also a sacred Buddhist place. That time the parents of the reincarnation were not there as they had set out for road construction labor, they have entrusted their young son to a family at a place called Zongkha Baithal. That time there were two identical boys and one of them snatched and shook the bag of Venerable Lobsang Namgyal and ran away. That evening when the parents and family members returned home, they were told about the reincarnation and shown the credential letters provided by HH the Dalai Lama. But the parents and the family members refused to give away the boy. Next morning venerable Lobsang Namgyal told the family that he would like to go to the monastery and chapel, the reincarnation must be recognized and enthroned, so in the mean time they have to come to a final decision. When venerable Lobsang Namgyal was returning from the Chapel the parents and family members of the reincarnated boy has decided that they will accept him as the reincarnation and agreed to do what is to be done.

When venerable Lobsang Namgyal asked Rabten the mother of Tenzin Gyaltsen what, if any, auspicious signs she experience when she conceived the son. The mother told that when her son was borne with some especial signs, she also told that her son rises up so early and sits in the position of meditators which came from some habituation; the son was different from other children. Also the mother told that her son some religious activities in front of rocks. The next day all the road laborers had a day off and offered a luncheon, and the reincarnated son was offered the mandala and the new clothes like the maroon robe. When venerable Lobsang Namgyal was about to return back to Nepal, the reincarnated son took the bowl of venerable Lobsang namgyal and gave him three spoons of Pak (strew made from Tsampa) and ate three spoons himself, then the boy request venerable Lobsang Namgya to take him with.  In late 1985 when HH the Dalai Lama gave Kalachakra Teaching in Bodh Gaya the monks of the Shelkar Monastery and all the monks who were studying in the monasteries in south India including HE Sangten Rinpoche met with the reincarnate. There were also the monks who have come from Shelkar Monastery in Tibet. Then the Yangsi Rinpoche was enthroned there in Bodh Gaya during the Kalachakra. Then the young Rinpoche was brought to Nepal and held an enthronement ceremony at the Shelkar Monastery in Nepal. Initially the young Rinpoche studied the basic study under the tutorialship of venerable Gelong Thupten. The young Rinpoche studied reading, writing, memorization of Buddhist root texts and ritual texts, learnt how to use the Buddhist instruments. He was brighter than all other monks in the monastery with highly sharp intelligence and particularly his voice is so good, all the signs fully indicated that he was the true incarnation of a highly realized lama. Then after two years the young incarnate lama prophesied that the teacher would past away within that year, and told that to his teacher. Then his teacher felt it bit inauspicious and sad, he felt sick for a long time and finally passed away. After that the young Rinpoche studied under venerable Gelong Jampa Kalsang and venerable Gelong Lobsang Namgyal. In year 1990 during the Kalachakra initiation in Gangtok, the young Rinpoche received the teaching and went to South India to study in the Sermey Norling Dratsang which is a school of Sera Monastery. There former Khenpo of the Gurmed Monastic College, Geshe Thinley Topgyal was the teacher of Linga Rinpoche There Rinpoche focused his study in Tibetan grammar and languages and always got first position in all examinations every year. The fourth Linga Rinpoche has memorized the root texts of all the five major Buddhist texts, the root text of the Guide to the Bodhisattvas way of Life, and lekshey Sertrang text.  When Linga Rinpoche was at a crucial stage to start the formal Buddhist text study, unfortunately due to our lack of good fortune he disrobed and moved to live in Canada.