The Purpose of The Monastic School

The purpose of the monastic school

Since there are many children from the Himalayan regions seeking ordination as novice monk, there is a great need to increase facilities for their education. For this reason,

At Shelkar Monastic School, students will be able to learn accurately the appropraite practices and rituals of the Buddha-dharma, as well as receive a general education for modern living.
So far young monks aged between eight and fifteen have been admitted. Most of them intend to pursue a monastic life, but some have come due to difficult family circumstances. The main objective of the monastic school is to give each child the best possible education, including both the traditonal Buddhist monastic training and modern schooling.
Qualified monks will teach Buddhst rituals, whilst teachers from outside will teach general subjects such as Tibetan, English, Nepali, History and Mathematics.
In the future, graduates of the monastic school will maintain the rituals of monastic life, perform ritual practices to support people at critical periods in their lives. Graduates will serve the community directly by helping others in accord with the dharma. In both mundane and spiritual ways. It is expected that most of the novices. Especially those who have karmic link to the tradition, will commit themselves to the monastic life. Those who choose to lead a secular life will also be well eduipped to do so. In either case, the meritorious wish to help beings will be fulfilled.